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amnesty |ˈamnistē| - to grant an official pardon to.

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Art Supply Program

Got It is crucial to have the proper supplies. If you need help placing the right supplies into a young artist hands, we are here to help. Click Here

Education Workshops

Do you have a group of young minds eagared to learn how they can transform their interests in the Arts into a career? Well, we are here for you. We offer educational sessions to help you inspire your young people! Click Here

Art Workshops

With expertise in teaching Art History, Illustration, Painting, Graphic Design, Sculpting, and more, we offer fun interactive sessions to teach youth the history, techniques and skills needed. Let us help inspire your young artists. Click Here

Amnesty Connnection

The lack of art supplies and programs are not just an issue in America, it's a problem in every nation around the world. The Amnesty Connection program's objective is to cultivation art around the world! Click Here

What makes us different?

Established in Atlanta, GA, operated on-line; we use technology to make your donation do more for the mission.

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Our Work

As a Non-Profit organization (501c3 status pending) that works within communities with community leaders, the public education system, and other organizations in order to promote art among youth in the community. We give art supplies, scholarships, and education regarding the arts through various programs and events. Take a glance of how we've helped so far!

Our blog

From the many benifits to the issues facing our industry. Join in  our discussions about the Arts!

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Art: What is that, and what is it to you?
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Supporting the Arts: Where are the art programs going?
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Benefits of Art
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What Inspires Us?

The issue that haunts us in today’s society is the lack of support, nourishment, and interest in the talents of young artists. Because society has put more emphasis on pursuing careers as Doctor, Athletes, Lawyers, Politicians, and other high profiled and paid careers; we have set aside the need and importance of the Artist in today’s culture. From a recent survey taken by parents with children between the ages of 7 and 17, data concluded that 78% of parents would rather there child become an Athlete, Doctor, Lawyer, or Politician. Because of the deficiency in support within the educational system and professional community for youth whom wish to pursue a career in fields of the art; society has not produced an adequate amount of artists. The Leonardo DaVinci’s and William Shakespeare’s of our time are fading away.

Unlike most art organizations, the Amnesty Art Foundation caters to the support of young artists in every medium, every region, through various outlets in order to advance and promote art itself. We seek to work with Public Schools, the Government, after school facilities, and other organizations, using a variety of creative methods to advance art not only in Georgia and in the Unites States, but also internationaly.

Support the cause: How to help

Volunteer! Connect to us and see how you can volunteer locally in the Metro Atlanta, GA area or even virtually from anywhere in the world.

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Art Supplies, yes! Weather gently used or freshly new, help usget art supplies to those who need it the most.

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Donate! No amount is to small and none to big. Make a tax-deductable contribition by contacting us, mail, or by clicking here! PAYPAL LINK.

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Contact us

Interested in helping out? Or are you an organization or youth interested in the arts? Contact us today to see how we can connect.
Incorporated 2009 Amnesty Art Foundation